Lower Speeds on 90-Mile Beach Not Enough

Jan. 26, 2021, 2:18 p.m.

Patau Tepania says motorised vehicles are wreaking havoc on Te Oneroa a Tohe but lowering speeds alone doesn't go far enough


Iwi Ask For Patience And Respect

Level 4 protocols will remain in place at Te Kohanga (Shipwreck Bay) to protect whānau
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Exercising Kaitiakitanga in Tauroa

Patau Tepania is encouraging whānau to engage in korero to educate the hāpori on the environmental impacts bikes have
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Protecting Sand Dunes from Motorbike Threat

Patau Tepania on kaitiakitanga and the reason they intend to protect their sacred land, even if they need to barricade it.
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Marae Renos Bring Jobs To Ahipara

Roma Marae in Ahipara got an upgrade this summer thanks to the Provincial Growth Fund.
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