Te Au Marie Trust

March 22, 2018, 9:48 a.m.

We hear from Kate Martin regarding the 250 year since Captain Cook and Tupaia arrived in Aotearoa.

Te Au Mārie

Te Au Mārie – The Peaceful Current

This is the calm after the storm; the period immediately after rough weather when the sea begins to settle. It is the calm times which allow us to re-focus, reassess our achievements and think to the future.

It also refers to a group of stars that are used for navigation which rise and set during the spring season. They are known as Wero I te Ninihi, Wero I te Kokota and Wero I Te Au Maria. The names themselves pertain to neap and spring tidal movements during the spring season and the shift between each cycle.

The change of Maria to Mārie uses a more modern dialect 
and to avoid confusion with the word Maria.


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