Planting trees on the after birth

June 27, 2018, 3:54 p.m.

Evelyn Tobin shares korero on Tikanga Maori in a modern context a current them in our radio shows


The Role of Waiata Maori in Language Revitalization.

Evelyn Tobin says language revitalization pertaining to maori waiata can be used by tamariki in the home, streets and in town.
7 months, 3 weeks

Kaikaranga Shortage Hits Home

Due to urban migration, there's a need for karanga revitalization. Whaea Evelyn Tobin shares her korero on the kaupapa.
7 months, 2 weeks

Families needs to Keep their Health in Check.

Evelyn Tobin expresses her concerns for Maori men and women to have health checks regularly.
6 months, 3 weeks

Evelyn Tobin

E korero ana a Evelyn Tobin mo te kura reo o Te Taitokerau me te kereme mo te reo Maori o Ngapuhi.
2 years, 7 months