Whangaroa and Te Tiriti on Exhibition

Jan. 30, 2019, 2:14 p.m.

This Exhibition was brought together by Museum Study courses


Puanga Celebrations for Whangaroa

Robyn Tauroa of Whangaroa Papa Hapū spoke about the amazing day whānau had to celebrate the new year
1 month, 1 week

7 Stages of Summer

Prof. Rangi Mataamua takes us through the stages of summer
6 months, 3 weeks


Today we were joined by Kate, Jasmine, Candice from H.I.P.P.Y and Family Start to talk about kaupapa for our Mokopuna
6 months, 3 weeks

Te Mātarau Scholarships

Joesephine Nathan of Te Mātarau tells us there's a shortage of Wāhine Māori in the Forestry Industry and how te Mātarau can help
6 months, 3 weeks