Support for The Wheel Blacks

March 12, 2019, 4:22 p.m.

SJ Brown talks about the Wheel Blacks that are seeking support to send them overseas to the Paralympics


Te Toki Nui a Kupe

Chris Henare tells us about the joint kaupapa held by the three Taitokerau Kapa to celebrate master navigator Sir Hector Busby
5 days, 20 hours

Future Leaders

Ezekiel Raui talks about the many effort to support Rangatahi in Te Taitokerau whilst also encouraging Rangatiratanga
21 hours, 32 minutes

Data Futures Summit

Dr Willy-John Martin talks about the importance in protecting our data for generation and this hui will be a guide for everyone
21 hours, 20 minutes

Controversial Māori Chocolates for Sale

Bevan shares with us the journey of establishing the Māori Chocolate business and what inspired him to start this kaupapa
6 days, 21 hours