Shaun Delaney on growing up in the kāinga and life in Motueka

Kai, mahi and whānau Aunty Girlie and Shaun catch up on all the important things
8 months, 1 week

Te Hiku o Te Ika a hub for film and television

Rhonda Kite says opportunities for young people are in our own backyard
8 months, 1 week

Nanaia Mahuta on WAI262 and the next steps for mātauranga Māori

WAI262 was allocated money in budget 2022. Minister Mahuta tells us what that looks like
8 months, 1 week

Mikaira Pau and Aunty Girlie on gang activity in Te Tai Tokerau

Mikaira Pau: Pohara is a big reason for the gang activity that we see in our communities
8 months, 2 weeks

China in the Pacific, is it a threat to us?

Mathew Tukaki: The Chinese are after influence
8 months, 2 weeks

New Political Party: Democracy NZ

Matt King shares that he's very confident to get people in Northland interested
8 months, 2 weeks

Many memories of Pineaha Murray for us to hold

Matiu Kingi shares some of the amazing mahi of a dear friend whom will be sorely missed
8 months, 2 weeks

Sports Recap from the weekend

Rugby with Tame Te Rangi
8 months, 3 weeks

Poroporoake and reflecting on Ngāti Kuri's successful weekend

Jerry Norman pays tribute to our fallen kaumatua o Te Tai Tokerau, win for Seven's Womens & Ngati Kuri success for #HikoiTo100
8 months, 3 weeks

Manu Korero 2022 being hosted by Dargaville High School

Ropata Diamond gives us an insight to up & coming Manu Korero and Kapa Haka Events for Te Tai Tokerau
8 months, 3 weeks

Budget 2022: Greens support govt addressing youth homelessness

Every person in Aotearoa deserves access to appropriate housing
8 months, 3 weeks

Music to help with youth with depression and anxiety

Taipari Waaka is using music to reach out to youth in local community
9 months

Haami Piripi: iwi need to be leading conversations on water

Piripi: Protection of water and Māori interests is the key message to the Environment Court
9 months

Mātauranga Māori, Mātauranga Taiao

Peter Kitchen on the art of reading the signs of the environment & using that knowledge to benefit the taiao and our whānau
9 months

Kaupapa Waka Continues to Thrive

Joe Conrad on the essential role our kaumātua play in order for the kaupapa waka to thrive
9 months

Kura Kaupapa Māori - a Pathway to Tertiary Success

Jerry Norman on the upcoming kura kaupapa Māori graduates and how they are a representation of a shift in society
9 months

It's Not Just a Holiday

Rueben Taipari shares his views on the newly legislated holiday & the importance of holding wānanga to educate NZ about Matariki
9 months

He Whare Wānanga Waka: Te Whetū Mārama Nearing Completion

Stanley Conrad updates us on Te Aurere and the long-anticipated whare wānanga Te Whetū Mārama
9 months

Iconic Iwi Radio Announcer Signing Off

Pā Kelly on his motivation to retire from iwi radio & how we are never too old to try something new
9 months

Keeping Warm and Safe this Winter

Albert Cash updates us on the current fire situation here in Te Hiku & the importance of keeping warm & safe this winter
9 months, 1 week

Blessed to Call Aotearoa Home

Mikaira Pau on recent events that have happened in the world, reminding us of how blessed we are to be living here in Aotearoa
9 months, 2 weeks

He Kuia Rongonui

Dean Nathan on the life of Kuia Leni Kapa growing up and her work for the people of Te Aupōuri
9 months, 3 weeks

Childbearing and Modern Knowledge

Haami Piripi on childbearing and how using the modern knowledge we have today can help to ensure the health of both māmā & pēpi
9 months, 3 weeks

Whānau Employment Key

Mariameno Kapa-Kingi of Te Rūnanga Nui O Te Aupōuri updates us on the projects & opportunities in place to support whānau
9 months, 3 weeks

Eventful Easter Weekend in Te Hiku

Haami Piripi on the upcoming events happening in Te Hiku over this Easter Weekend
10 months

Catch this whānau-focussed show with Aunty Girlie Clarke in the afternoons

Te Pā Harakeke will focus on all of the things that matter to whānau life.