Mātauranga Māori, Mātauranga Taiao

May 10, 2022, 3:14 p.m.

Peter Kitchen on the art of reading the signs of the environment & using that knowledge to benefit our whānau.


Tangata Whenua Natural Protectors

Funding for biodiversity key to uplifting haukāinga employment rates
2 months, 3 weeks

Rongoā Māori apprenticeships open up in Katāia

Peter Kitchen: Rongoā Māori requires connection with the taiao.
6 months, 1 week

Navigating A New Space For Rongoā Māori

Newly established practice for rongoā Māori a dream come true for renowned rongoā expert Peter Kitchen
4 weeks, 1 day

It's Not Just a Holiday

Rueben Taipari shares his views on the newly legislated holiday & the importance of holding wānanga to educate NZ about Matariki
6 months, 3 weeks