Tūhoronuku Mandate is finished

Rihari Dargaville gives his thoughts on the decision from the Minister to end the Tuhoronuku Mandate
15 hours, 59 minutes

Pataka Kai: Schools

Trudy Brown enlightens everyone on the usage of the food boxes and she also talks about the schools that are visiting Kaitaia.
16 hours, 5 minutes

National Party Popularity

Henare Kingi says National Party is polling well but feels Labour-led Coalition government are doing good for the people
16 hours, 10 minutes

Original Paintings Printed

Anna Karena is seeking a good printer for her artworks
1 day, 19 hours

The Future for Te Rarawa

Haami Piripi says Rūnanga is still looking for a new CEO to keep Te Rarawa moving in the right direction
1 day, 19 hours

Māori MPs need a Shake-up

Matthew Tukaki wants to speak to Government on Māori rights to 5G & easier access to medication
2 days, 12 hours

Overseas Visitors Seek Healing Advice

Pineaha Murray attended a hui with other Māori healers to explain their mahi to overseas visitors.
2 days, 13 hours

Te Mātāwai Funding

Waihoroi Shortland made an appearance at Te Kura Reo ki Whirinaki who received funding from Te Mātāwai
2 days, 13 hours

Panguru Wins New Recycling Bins

Richard Leckinger says Te Kura Taumata o Panguru is one of nine schools to have won the specially designed bins
2 days, 13 hours

Aunty Leni's Favourite Fish and Chips

Tireiniamu Kapa is traveling to Kaitaia for a hui and she gives us her preference where to buy fish-n-chips
3 days, 18 hours

Kōrero With Huhana Pirini

Huhana Pirini is telling her children to pay their bills and come home for Christmas she says the food here is plentiful
3 days, 18 hours

Hikoi for Ngāti Hine

Pita Tipene hikoi for Ngati Hine claims was favorable to the people in Australia, they will travel to Perth at a later date
3 days, 18 hours

Update on Māori Sovereignty

Taupaki Mohi gives us an update on Matua Karanga opening a bank in Brussels
6 days, 15 hours

Hearing for the Coastal Claims

Maanu Paul says Takutai Moana Claims will soon be heard at Waitangi Tribunal in Wellington
6 days, 16 hours

Pataka Kai: Thank You to the Community

Trudy Brown thanks the community for the commitment for keeping the Pātaka stations full
6 days, 16 hours

Hui for Oranga Tamariki

Rihari Dargaville will travel to Wellington to meet with Government officials about Oranga Tamariki issues
6 days, 16 hours

Maramataka & Climate Change

Rereata Makiha says seasons not favouring some māra kai so he suggests we find resilient alternatives
1 week, 2 days

Arming Police

Nau Epiha isn't in favor of arming police so we just concentrate on teaching our tamariki te reo and tikanga
1 week, 2 days

Police Copying Overseas Tactics

Rukuwai Tipene says guns for police might make things worse but they do need protection
1 week, 2 days

Cartoonist Leaves a Bad Taste in Mouth

Tireiniamu Kapa is concerned how media cartoonists are portraying the royal couple
1 week, 3 days

Excitement in Huhana Pirinis household

Huhana Pirini is counting down the days to Christmas and the arrival of whānau
1 week, 3 days

Royal Tour 2019

Pineaha Murray gives his thoughts on the royal tour & the commitment of the monarchy to Māori
1 week, 3 days

Supporting the Royals at Waitangi

Dame Naida Glavish gives her whakaaro on how the royals enjoyed their time at Waitangi
1 week, 6 days

New Book -"Words of a Kaumatua".

Haare Williams joins us to talk about his new book that brings together poetry & prose as his biography
1 week, 6 days

Demand for food increasing

Trudy Brown says the closer we get to Christmas the demand for feed support increases
2 weeks

Te Hōtaka o Pā Kelly

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