Remembering Dion Hobson.

Ricky Houghton was deeply saddened by Dion Hobson passing and remembers his passion and love for music.
15 hours, 7 minutes

Remembering Dion Hobson.

Tame Mare says how sadden he was to hear of Dion's passing and how he will be sadly missed by the kaumatua and kuia.
15 hours, 8 minutes

Holidays in Te Kao

We catch up with Nanny Leni this morning, who's busy with her moko from across the ditch.
1 day, 9 hours

OTC and The Pataka Kai

Paa has his weekly catch up with Whaea Trudy Brown to check in and see how the community is going.
1 day, 9 hours

National Māori Rugby League Tournament

Penetaui Kleskovic talks with Paa about the National Māori Rugby League Tournament to be held in Rotorua.
1 day, 10 hours

Remembering Dion Hodson.

Heeni Brown remembers Dion performing at Shane Jones house before Waitangi every year, the laughs and ability to mix with anyone
1 day, 11 hours

Genealogy of all Collective Hapū

Maanu Paul recites the genealogy for collective hapū and discusses how Europeans encroached on the kaupapa of iwi
2 days, 16 hours

Hapu Doing their own Claims

Tame Mare agrees with hapu settling their own claims but one way or the other, the Government will have a Settlement.
2 days, 16 hours

Ngāti Hine Explore Options

Waihoroi Shortland outlines the stance of Ngāti Hine in the Ngāpuhi Treaty Settlement process.
2 days, 16 hours

Ngati Manu and Ngati Hine Treaty Claims.

Dame Naida Glavish gives her thoughts on Ngati Manu and Ngati Hine doing their own claims she also re-caps Mental Health Week.
2 days, 18 hours

Ngāpuhi Hapu Wanting to Settle their Claims Themselves.

Leni Bristow says Ngāti Hine will continue to look into how they can follow through with their own settlement.
3 days, 15 hours

Social Development Accord.

Haami Piripi discusses the well-being of Māori in Te Hiku and the importance of positive relationships with government agencies
3 days, 17 hours

Hapu Wanting to handle their Own Settlements in Ngapuhi Claims.

Rihari Dargaville talks about individual hapu's settling their own claims and not in favor of Tuhono and Tuhoronuku involvement
4 days, 12 hours

Te Reo o te Kaumatua

Paa catches up with Papa Pineaha and he talks to us about a show he'll feature in discussing Rongoā and Wairua Māori in Te Hapua
4 days, 15 hours

Ngāti Manu Reject Crown Process

Arapeta Hamilton tells us about the approach of Ngāti Manu and their collective rejection of the Crown Treaty process.
4 days, 16 hours

The Future for Te Runanga o Te Rarawa.

Papa Tame Mare fills us in on planning for Te Rarawa and the roles of their marae reps.
4 days, 17 hours

Te Wai Council.

Maanu Paul supports the idea of the new Te Wai Council but not the government appointing their own sitting on the council.
1 week

Funeral Cost High for Families.

Francis Tipene of Tipene Funerals and 'The Casketeers' talks to us about some of the challenges mourning whanau encounter.
1 week

New Wai Māori Council

Rihari Dargaville speaks about Te Kahui Wai - the council established for Wai Māori.
1 week

Iwi Given the Rights to Bottle Water.

Heeni Brown shares insights as Ngāti Rangiwewehi granted consent to bottle water from Hamurana Springs.
1 week

Tackling Mental Health.

Nau Epiha shares about mental health and talks of the spiritual side and its benefits.
1 week, 2 days

Reality Check for Pataka Kai

Trudy Brown talks of the struggle some whanau face during the school holidays as Pataka Kai demands increase.
1 week, 2 days

Suffering Mental Health.

Haami Piripi speaks on Mental Health and question whether a review is required as diagnosis numbers increase.
1 week, 2 days

Keeping Te Reo Maori Consistent.

Jeremy Macleod says keeping Te Reo Maori active around whanau goes along way for the survival of our unique language.
1 week, 3 days

More Experts needed to Tackle Mental Health Issues.

Darylene Rodgers from Ngati Porou Fm says their regions needs more experts in mental health and seek help from Government.
1 week, 3 days

Te Hōtaka o Pā Kelly

E hakapāhotia i ngā kōrero o ngā kaumātua me ngā kuia puta noa o te Taitokerau e hāngaitia ana ki ngā take e tāmia nei ki a tātou te iwi Māori. 7am - 9am ia rā o te wīki Mane ki te Paraire.