No Show for Minister at Warden Hui

May 29, 2019, 8:36 a.m.

Rihari Dargaville says maori wardens will not come under the same banner as the police.


Million set aside for Education.

Rihari Dargaville talks about the Funds set aside to help in education for the survival of Te Reo.
3 months, 1 week

Government meeting with Māori Council

Rihari Dargaville discusses Māori Council & Government hui regarding kauri dieback
2 months, 2 weeks

Māori Council support Māori on Council

Rihari Dargaville says that the Māori Council is fully supportive of Māori representation in local government
2 months, 1 week

Ngapuhi to Stand Together for Claims

Rihari Dargaville says the Minister is willing to listen and the Tuhoronuku Mandate is finish time for Ngapuhi to move forward
1 month, 3 weeks