Andrew Little visits Ngapuhi

July 19, 2019, 9:02 a.m.

Pita Tipene says Ngapuhi will not be pushed along by the Treaty Claims Minister


Andrew Little Listens to Ngapuhi

Pita Tipene talks about how Ngapuhi and the Crown can go forward with the claim
2 years, 5 months

Update to Ngāpuhi Claims

Pita Tipene says that some people in Ngāpuhi are losing patience with the Crown & hoping things will move forward soon
2 years, 5 months

Whare Taonga 2020.

Pita Tipene says projects are on track for the Whare Taonga, Waitangi 2020, his mihi to the late Pita Paraone for his hard work.
2 years, 4 months

Aotearoa History

Pita Tipene is overwhelmed by Government commitment to have our history taught in schools
2 years, 3 months