PATAKA KAI: Regular Update and sustaining the Kaupapa

Aug. 9, 2019, 9:51 a.m.

Trudy Brown explains the outcome of a recent hui held in Whangarei that could be beneficial to the future of Pataka Kai in NZ!


Pataka Kai Update

Trudy Brown talks about their project "Open the Curtain", and Moana does home visits to offer services to families needing help.
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A Prayer for Pātaka Kai

Trudy Brown shared a story with us about a person who was standing by the Pātaka Kai when approached he said was saying a prayer
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Pātaka Kai

Trudy Brown gives an update on the Pātaka Kai on North Road, Kaitāia
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Pātaka Kai Update: September

Trudy Brown shows her support for iwi radio & give an update
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