History in Schools: It is time

Sept. 17, 2019, 9:43 a.m.

Nau Epiha says kura kaupapa already teach tikanga-ā-iwi, however, it is time we all learnt the history of Aotearoa


Catch up with Nau

Nau Epiha and Pā catch up on the weather and his thoughts about iwi rērio
3 years, 8 months

Long Wait for Māori Representation

Nau Epiha says it has been a long time coming to have so many Māori vying for a seat on Council
3 years, 8 months

Make your Vote Count.

Nau Epiha emphasized the importance for Māori to register and vote.
3 years, 8 months

Kura Kaupapa Return for Last Term

Nau Epiha thanks the parents for sending their children back to kura so we can share more knowledge of Te Ao Māori with them
3 years, 7 months