Royal Tour

Nov. 19, 2019, 1:43 p.m.

Nau Epiha recalls the last time the Royal Family visited Waitangi


Whakarongo, Whakautu

Nau Epiha talks about ways to learn te reo Māori
2 weeks, 3 days

Arming Police

Nau Epiha isn't in favor of arming police so we just concentrate on teaching our tamariki te reo and tikanga
1 week, 5 days

Colonial Benefits

Nau Epiha knows that injustice has been done by Captain Cook but colonising Aotearoa did have its benefits
3 weeks, 4 days

Te Reo Māori

Nau Epiha says whanau that move away and their tamariki is taught the reo of that area,it's good to know your dialect of home.
1 month