Police Copying Overseas Tactics

Nov. 26, 2019, 9:48 a.m.

Rukuwai Tipene says guns for police might make things worse but they do need protection


History in Schools: Lest we Forget

Rukuwai Tipene-Allen is optimistic about teaching the nations history allowing us not to forget the hardships our tūpuna faced
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Te Manatu Hauora

Rukuwai Tipene-Allan talks about her work at Te Manatu Hauora where she focuses on te reo
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Te Hiku Media Alumni

Rukuwai Tipene-Allen talks to us about what she has been up to since leaving Te Hiku Media.
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Len Bristowe talks with Rukuwai Allen

Len will be speaking in the Ngati Hine Festival Tautohetohe. Listen to what Len has to share about current affairs.
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