Health & Wellbeing on the Agenda

Dec. 9, 2019, 11:07 a.m.

Dame Naida Glavish is meeting with Ministers to discuss health & wellbeing & Māori/Crown relationship


DHB Position

Dame Naida Glavish talks about her new role on the DHB
3 years, 1 month

Help for the Homeless

Dame Naida Glavish talks about things we've learnt during lockdown and assistance for the homeless.
2 years, 9 months

Tuku Mihi ki a Tā Hekenukumaingāiwi Pūhipi

Whakarongo mai ki te reo o Naida Glavish me ngā kōrerohōhonu mō taua rangatirā rā
2 years, 8 months

Catch up kōrero

Pā catches up with Naida Glavish to speak about national news and politics
2 years, 8 months