Hui in Te Kao

Dec. 16, 2019, 3:15 p.m.

Tireiniamu Kapa updates us on the hui about whenua Māori & the many young adults that attended


Christmas Cheers from Te Kao

Tireiniamu Kapa says all her family will be home for the festive season.
1 month, 1 week

Whānau Gatherings

Tireiniamu Kapa says families in Te Kao are gearing up for their families coming home for Christmas
1 month, 2 weeks

Te Kao Happenings

Tireiniamu Kapa talks about her week in Te Kao
1 month, 3 weeks

Aunty Leni's Favourite Fish and Chips

Tireiniamu Kapa is traveling to Kaitaia for a hui and she gives us her preference where to buy fish-n-chips
1 month, 3 weeks