Te Rā Whakanui i a Pumuka

Feb. 13, 2020, 2:22 p.m.

Pita Clarke talks about the day spent celebrating the life of their rangatira of Te Roroa


Youth Campaign in Kaitaia

Mark Graham discusses his youth campaign which is focused around music making
1 week, 3 days

Scrapping Rates on Māori Land

Rueben Taipari shares his thoughts regarding the proposed law change to scrap rate arrears on Māori land
1 week, 3 days

Ngāti Kahu - Focus for 2020

Chairman of Ngāti Kahu, Makere Mutu discusses the main focus for this year
1 week, 2 days

Tikanga Māori vs Western Law

Te Aopare Dewes speaks about a recent hui about the incorporation of tikanga māori into our current NZ law
1 week, 2 days