Auckland regional update

Sept. 7, 2020, 4:28 p.m.

Tumamao Harawira discusses the atmosphere of those in Auckland, as level 2.5 restrictions continue to guide their day to day


Te Rarawa Tertiary Education Scholarships

Haami Piripi discusses the opening of Te Rarawas scholarships & encourages those pursuing tertiary or the trades to apply!
3 weeks

Te reo o te kāinga: Pineaha Murray

Whakarongo mai ki a Pineaha Murray me ngā pākiwaha o te wiki
3 weeks

Ngā kōrero hākinakina

Huhana Pirini speaks to Pā about recent sporting games held over the weekend, specifically the TRL Grand Final held in Broadwood
3 weeks

Te Ao Pāpāho ki Paremata

Rukuwai Allen discusses her work over the last months, reporting directly from the beehive on topics like covid & the election
3 weeks