Mana Motuhake Focus for Iwi Chairs

Nov. 10, 2020, 9:56 a.m.

According to Dame Naida Glavish, the issue all agreed on at the ICF was moving away from Crown matters and towards mana motuhake


Oranga Tamariki Advisory Board to Meet

Dame Naida Glavish says the newly appointed board will meet with Kelvin Davis next week to discuss plans moving forward
1 year, 9 months

Protesters Oppose Erebus Memorial at Mataharehare

According to Dame Naida Glavish, Mataharehare Pā is the wrong place to erect a memorial for the Mt. Erebus disaster
1 year, 8 months

Easter Road Toll Worst in 10 Years

Dame Naida Glavish says 8 people died in car accidents during the Easter break and is urging whānau to be safer on the roads
1 year, 7 months

Opposition to Erebus Memorial on Mataharehare Continues

Dame Naida Glavish says Mataharehare shares no connection to Erebus and continues to object to the decision of council and iwi
1 year, 7 months