Social Media Not an Accurate Info Source

Feb. 11, 2021, 9:16 a.m.

National iwi communications collective member, Heeni Brown says whānau can't rely on social media posts to keep them informed


Tangihanga Numbers Restricted Again

With most of NZ returning to Alert Level 2, restrictions on tangihanga also return. Heeni Brown of Te Aupōuri has more
1 year, 11 months

Mana Motuhake in COVID-19

Heeni Brown of Te Aupōuri says COVID-19 immunisation isn't compulsory and whānau can decide whether or not to vaccinate
1 year, 11 months

Submissions Close for Bill On Drinking Water

Heeni Brown of Te Aupōuri says the Water Services Bill reform looks at the quality of drinking water and monitoring wastewater
1 year, 11 months

Motels, Emergency Housing Not Suitable for Children

Healthy Families Rotorua strategic communications manager, Heeni Brown says unsuitable housing of children impacts their health
1 year, 10 months