Ngāpuhi Kaumātua to Receive COVID-19 Vaccine

Feb. 23, 2021, 11:12 p.m.

Rihari Dargaville says he isn't taking any chances and will be vaccinated against COVID-19 when the opportunity arises


Northland Returns to Level 2

Ngāpuhi kaumātua, Rihari Dargaville is encouraging whānau to follow the Level 2 tikanga to stop the spread of COVID-19
2 weeks, 1 day

Ngāpuhi Will Never Give Up Hapū Rangatiratanga

Ngāpuhi kaumātua, Rihari Dargaville says a settlement will never be reached until Govt. recognises Ngāpuhi hapū rangatiratanga
3 weeks, 5 days

Kaumātua Visits Heads of Tūpuna in Sydney

Sydney was the main route for trafficking mokomōkai. Kaumātua Rihari Dargaville has recently returned from the Australian Museum
1 month, 1 week

Iwi Expect Partnership, Not Collaboration

Kaumātua Rihari Dargaville says collaboration is a tokenised term and govt. must develop agreements for partnership with iwi
2 months, 3 weeks