No New Whānau Ora Money Stunts Māori Providers

June 3, 2021, 11:18 p.m.

Despite Whānau Ora receiving a boost in 2020, more funding was hoped for to deliver on the needs of whānau especially post-COVID


Tikanga Behind Pūriri at Tangihanga

In Te Tai Tokerau, pūriri is used for tangi. Penetaui Klescovic of Te Aupōuri says it's important to get greenery right
4 months, 2 weeks

13 Parties Appear in Court Over Whakaari Tragedy

The pre-trial hearing for 13 parties being prosecuted by WorkSafe NZ ended in more time needed. Next trial date is in September
4 months, 2 weeks

Enhancing Rangatiratanga in Te Hiku

Te Rarawa chair, Haami Piripi says rangatiratanga can't be driven by the Govt. or councils and must be led via iwi collaboration
4 months, 2 weeks

Calls for Equity for Kōhanga Teachers

Te Waihoroi Shortland of the Kōhanga Reo Trust says the kōhanga reo qualification, Te Tohu Whakapakari deserves more recognition
4 months, 2 weeks