Te Rarawa to Defend Women's Rugby Title

June 15, 2021, 10:42 p.m.

It’s the third time Te Rarawa has made it to the finals in their three-year existence, hoping to defend their champion status and inaugural title they picked up last year.

The team trains out of the Te Rarawa fields in Ahipara. Situated beneath Whangatauatia maunga, it’s home to both the Te Rarawa people and their beloved Te Rarawa club that celebrated their centennial birthday in 2020.

The Te Rarawa women’s side has, for the most part, been coached by former Black Fern No.8 Aroha Savage, up until the new mum delivered a set of twins last month. Since then, the coaching leadership has fallen on Te Kura Ngata-Aerengamate and Krystal Murray.

When the two front-rowers aren’t in Black Ferns or Blues camps, co-captains Timara Leef and Justice Karena have taken up the void.

This year’s Te Rarawa women’s side is slightly different to the previous years, as Te Rarawa’s former coach and former Black Fern Rawinia Everitt set up another women’s team in her very home district of Hokianga. This has contributed to the growth of women’s rugby in the region and Hokianga now field their very first Hokianga women’s rugby team.

The Te Rarawa team are made up of local Te Hiku o Te Ika/Far North women who travel from as far north as Te Kao and as far south as Whangarei to be a part of the women’s side. Meanwhile, Te Rarawa has only lost one game in the entire competition this year, and they’re hoping it will stay that way because Te Rarawa will have stiff opposition against the fast and nifty Moerewa women’s team.

Moerewa has a fast backline in Tyler Nankiville, who was also a member of the Inaugural Blues Women’s side this year. She’s also backed by former Northland Kauri FPC players as well as fast rookies who played alongside some of the Te Rarawa players in this year’s North and South trial match for the Northland women’s side.

No doubt Te Rarawa’s home final this weekend will be a display of what top women’s rugby looks like in Northland, and better yet the match will be held in their very own Te Rarawa territory in Ahipara.


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