Fight for Hapū Rangatiratanga Continues

July 25, 2021, 8:37 p.m.

The longstanding debate around iwi vs hapū mandate for Māori issues continues. Rueben Taipari shares more


It's Not Just a Holiday

Rueben Taipari shares his views on the newly legislated holiday & the importance of holding wānanga to educate NZ about Matariki
9 months

Matariki - Looking Back to Look Forward

Rueben Taipari and Heeni Hoterene have been travelling Te Tai Tokerau and Tāmaki sharing about Matariki - Puanga and maramataka
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Tai Tokerau Border Control Continues to Protect Te Hiku

Leader of Tai Tokerau Borer Control, Rueben Taipari says there are many gaps in the community in monitoring COVID-19
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Too Soon for Aucklanders to Travel North

Tai Tokerau Border Control spokesperson, Rueben Taipari says the roads in and out of Auckland have been reopened prematurely
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