Haukāinga Have The Final Say

Jan. 24, 2022, 3:35 p.m.

As the debate continues across Te Taitokerau it is ultimately a decision to be made by haukāinga. Although many wish to have commemorations and debates continue in Waitangi - the safety of whānau remains priority.


Rapid Antigen Tests and What Next

Kaumātua Rihari Dargaville speaks about the current situation with the Omicron outbreak & Rapid Antigen Testing
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Rihari Dargaville - Carbon Credits Debate

Carbon Credits Debate
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Ngā Tohu o te Taiao: Kei Konei Tonu

Maanu Paul speaks about the importance of reading the signs of our taiao & maintaining our role as kaitiaki
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Ngā Tohu o te Taiao with Nau Epiha

We speak to Nau Epiha about the the signs of the taiao, their meanings & the lessons they teach us
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