Whānau Accessing War Medals Of Their Whānau

July 21, 2022, 2:45 p.m.

Betsy Young speaks about learning of the process people have undertaken to receive their grandparents war medals


Climate Change In Winter

Mikaere Paul speaks to our host Girlie Clarke about the winter months and how this season has changed over the years
8 months

The Eels In Our Rivers

Waikarere Gregory speaks with host Girlie Clarke about the different tuna in the streams and their identifiable features
8 months

Māori Language Teachers Needed At Schools

Jerry Norman says there is a huge shortage of Māori language teachers unable to fill vacant positions
8 months

Covid-19 Concerns With School Returning

Maahia Nathan shares about Covid-19 and influenza affecting absences in students and teachers with Term 3 return this week
8 months