Navigating the Appointment of King Charles III

Sept. 14, 2022, 2:15 p.m.

Matiu Kingi recalls when Queen Elizabeth II visited Aotearoa in 1953, people gathered just to get a glimpse at the new Queen of England. Although thoughts are divided on the constitution of the Crown, Kingi pays tribute to her whānau in this time.


Spring Time Hay Fever

Hay fever affects 20-25% of the population and spring is the worst time of year for symptoms
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Te Mana o Te Reo Māori

The mana within te reo is strong enough to withstand an attempt to eradicate it's existence.
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The Face of Colonization

As many mourn the loss of Queen Elizabeth II, indigenous people around the world are reminded of the
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Te Aupouri Uri Face of Aotearoa in London

Homegrown journalist, Harata Brown, is in London covering the late Queens tangihanga
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