Allergies and Allergic Reactions

Sept. 22, 2022, 9:20 a.m.

Dr Mary Anne Baker () talks about types of allergies in the air and on surfaces that lead to allergic reactions. Dr Baker says that allergies are especially dangerous for those who have asthma.


Utilizing Technology

Rangatahi and social media have made communication easier and efficient - getting kaumātua on board is the next step
5 days, 21 hours

Old School Sustainability

Encouraging whānau to rely on the taiao that provides all necessities as apposed to relying on stores
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A Trip in Time

Taking a trip through history to find a hononga (connection) to the British Crown
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Te Aupouri Uri Face of Aotearoa in London

Homegrown journalist, Harata Brown, is in London covering the late Queens tangihanga
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