Mihi Aroha to Glass and Anne (nee-Otene) Murray.

Feb. 27, 2018, 2:15 p.m.

Homai Uerata gives his mihi aroha to Glass and Anne Murray.


Houtaewa 2018 Update.

Houtaewa is just around the corner, so enter into the event, Peter Kitchen gives us his update.
5 years

Youth Court on the Marae.

Marae Youth Courts, may well be a normal criteria for young offenders,Miriama Wilson gives her views.
5 years

NZ Government to sign the TPPA is this in our interest.

Homai Uerata talks about the Government signing the TPPA, Promo for Census and Kapahaka Regionals.
5 years

Youth to be Dealt with in a Marae.

The hope of helping youth deter away from crime, Haami Gives his thoughts on the matter.
5 years