Climate change.

April 30, 2018, 12:21 p.m.

I think it's fair to say NZ is feeling the effects of climate change, Listen to Hinekaa Mako shed light on what's happening.


Te Kura Reo.

Sonny Livingston talks about the difference in learning Te Reo from different Kaiako from different areas of Aotearoa.
3 years, 4 months

Te Kura Reo, Learning the Maori Language.

Oneroa Pihema gives his views on Te Kura Reo.
3 years, 4 months

Celebrating 160 Years of Kingitanga.

Rahui Papa talks to Te Hiku about 160 years of Kingitanga and what it means to Tainui.
3 years, 4 months

Te Kura Reo, Advance Learning of Our Maori Language

Haami Piripi gives his thought about Te Reo
3 years, 4 months