Tauranga Moana makes their Feelings Clear to The Crown.

May 17, 2018, 3:09 p.m.

Pineaha Murray gives his thoughts on the Minister's reply to the Iwi o Tauranga Moana.


Pineaha Murray's Children wanting their Dad Close to Them.

Pineaha Murray Remembers work he and Whaea Kowhai did around South Auckland, when they were both young.
4 years, 2 months

Blessing to Sally Anderson on Her Kauae.

Pineaha Murray Has no problem with Sally Anderson and Her Kauae, also a prayer for Kingi Taurua and his whanau at the hospital.
4 years, 2 months

Tribute to Kingi Taurua.

Pineaha Murray pays tribute to Kingi Taurua as he was laid to rest today at Ngati Rehia.
4 years, 2 months

Flights of the Godwits.

Pineaha Murray talks about the migration patterns of the Godwit.
4 years, 2 months