Mental Health of the Past.

Oct. 8, 2018, 1:37 p.m.

Tame Mare talks about mental health and how some families were labeled as mental if one suffers from the illness.


The Future for Te Runanga o Te Rarawa.

Papa Tame Mare fills us in on planning for Te Rarawa and the roles of their marae reps.
4 months, 1 week

Hapu Doing their own Claims

Tame Mare agrees with hapu settling their own claims but one way or the other, the Government will have a Settlement.
4 months

Te Reo Maori

Tame Kahiti talks to us about this beautiful language and what we should do to embrace it
3 months, 3 weeks

How Prepared is Muriwhenua for Earthquakes and Tsunami.

Tame Mare gives his account of the last time a major storm hit the far north.
3 months, 3 weeks