Waka Hui visits Kaumatua from Ngāti Kurī

Nov. 5, 2018, 8:53 a.m.

Pineaha Murray will be visited by people from the Waka Hui series


Waka Huia to Feature Kaumātua Pineaha Mare.

Pineaha Murray talks about his involvement in the Waka Huia series where they profile his life.
2 years, 10 months

History of Tahu Pōtiki Wiremu Rātana.

Pineaha Murray recites the history of Tahu Pōtiki Wiremu Rātana as told by his elders.
2 years, 10 months

The Healing of the Body.

Pineaha Murray gives his thoughts on healing one body if using the Maori language properly it will heal.
2 years, 10 months

Power Outages Cause Frustration

Pineaha Murray says more a more informative approach is needed with power companies closing power for the day.
2 years, 10 months