New Years Greetings

Jan. 8, 2019, 9:46 a.m.

Tireiniamu Kapa's greetings for the new year & her whakaaro on the influx of people to the Cape


Haka done inside the Wharenui.

Tireiniamu Kapa says tamariki have always performed inside, it's their parent who stand outside to haka.
5 months, 1 week

Tangihanga at Potahi Marae, Te Kao.

Tireiniamu Kapa talks of the passing of kuia Te Parani Subritzky-Wiki.
5 months


Tireiniamu Kapa says she loves having her mokopuna home and wanting to hear about her life experience.
5 months

Aotearoa or New Zealand

Tireiniamu Kapa explains why she is not incline to have our name changed and she also talks on issues in the South Island.
4 months, 3 weeks