Kaumatua Asking for Help

Jan. 10, 2019, 11:47 a.m.

Tame Mare questions how Te Hauora helping the elderlies in Muriwhenua.


28th Maori Battalion

Tame Mare talks about his father and older sibling that fought in world wars and the trauma suffered by those that came home
7 months, 2 weeks

RSA Recruitment.

Tame Mare encourages people to join the Kaitaia RSA for socialising with others.
7 months, 2 weeks

Assisting the elderly in Te Hiku

Tame Mare seeking more assistance from Te Hauora for the elderly
7 months, 1 week

Appropriate use of Haka inside the Wharenui

Tame Mare talks about how people express their feelings using the haka. question. Is it appropriate inside the wharenui?
7 months, 1 week