March 11, 2019, 7:34 a.m.

Pineaha Murray explains depression is increasing at a alarming rate in schools also.


Climate Change

Pineaha Murray says our tupuna used to burn kawaka,manuka,kahikatoa to germinate the pods once a year for food for bees.
2 months, 1 week

Storage for Maori Archive

Pineaha Murray gives his view with the storing of Maori Archives in Data Storages.
2 months

Race Relationships

Pineaha Murray says maori has always faced race discrimination from bank loans to jobs and within the workforce.
1 month, 4 weeks

Evolving Reo Making it Difficult to Understand

Pineaha Murray is not the first to express his whakaaro on our evolving Reo and it becoming harder to understand
1 month, 3 weeks