Evolving Reo Making it Difficult to Understand

April 1, 2019, 1:08 p.m.

Pineaha Murray is not the first to express his whakaaro on our evolving Reo and it becoming harder to understand


Euthanasia Bill.

Pineaha Murray says unless you see the pain love ones are going through, maybe, but Tikanga Maori its a no to the "Bill".
3 days, 17 hours

Race Relationships

Pineaha Murray says maori has always faced race discrimination from bank loans to jobs and within the workforce.
3 weeks

Storage for Maori Archive

Pineaha Murray gives his view with the storing of Maori Archives in Data Storages.
3 weeks, 2 days

Climate Change

Pineaha Murray says our tupuna used to burn kawaka,manuka,kahikatoa to germinate the pods once a year for food for bees.
1 month