Project to Stop Spillage into Water Streams

April 4, 2019, 6:11 p.m.

Shane Jones and Winston Peters head to Hokianga to kick off a Kaupapa that will relieve the amount of rubbing spilling into wai


Iwi in Queenstown to get funds for Trees

Shane Jones talks about his trip to Singapore and funds to give to Iwi to plant trees in the South Island.
3 weeks, 1 day

Acknowledgement for Tā Hekenukumai Pūhipi.

Shane Jones acknowledges the hard work done by Tā Hekenukumai Pūhpi.
2 months, 2 weeks

Rātana Visit

MP Shane Jones talks about the visit to Rātana Pā,a Service at Matauri Bay, and Government commitment to Waitangi.
2 months, 3 weeks

Shane Jones & Winston Peters to travel Te Waipounamu

Shane Jones shares that he & NZ First Leader will tour South Island marae to understand how government might support them
4 months, 3 weeks