Rawinia Higgins

June 9, 2015, 3:35 p.m.

Rawinia Higgins chairman of Te Reo Maori advisory group talks to Daphne Popata about the hui a iwi that are taking place around the Nation to discuss possible changes to the Te Reo Maori Bill. 


Rawinia Higgins talks to Radio Te Hiku

Rawinia Higgins talks to Radio Te Hiku about concerns raised at Mahimaru Marae regarding the Maori Language Bill
7 years

Rawinia Higgins

Nga Kupu Ora
6 years, 10 months

Rawinia Higgins

E kōrero ana mō te Reo Māori
6 years, 4 months

Te Taura Whiri i Te Reo Māori Board

Rawinia Higgins will be Chair for the next three years - while Charisma Rangipunga will be the deputy chair of the board.
4 years