Te Tai Tokerau Debate

Hone Harawira, Godfrey Rudolph, and Kelvin Davis debate for the Māori Seat in Te Tai Tokerau.
4 years

Northland Debate

Willow-Jean Prime, Matt King, and Winston Peters debate for the Northland seat.
4 years

Whangarei Debate

Ash Howell, Shane Reti, Shane Jones, and Tony Savage debate for the Whangarei Seat.
4 years

Northland politicians set to tackle hot topics at debate

Northland candidates are confirmed in the Tai Tokerau debate hosted by Te Hiku Media.
4 years

Northlands Political Debate 2017

Doors open 5:30PM

6PM - Te Tai Tokerau Candidates
Kelvin Davis vs. Hone Harawira vs. Godfrey Rudolph

6:45PM - Whangarei Candidates
Ash Holwell vs. Shane Reti vs. Tony Savage vs. Shane Jones

7:30PM - Northland Candidates
Winston Peters vs. Willow-Jean Prime vs. Matt King

Hosted by Te Hiku Media, Ngati Hine FM, and Tautoko FM. Made with support from New Zealand on Air.

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