Shakira Tahitahi-Matiu of Abundant Life School

Aug. 27, 2018, 12:49 a.m.

Beautiful Deep Husky sound with power fills the air as one of #FNGT18 Senior Finalists from the Abundant Life School graced the stage with her presence and gave a very memorable performance to the crowd on the 25th of August at the Te Ahu Centre in Kaitaia.


"Zentarge" of Te Kura Kaupapa Maori O Pukemiro

#FNGT18 Finalists of the Senior Section Incorporate Comedy into their performance and spices up the stage!
3 years, 1 month

Te Aroha Pawa of Te Kura Kaupapa Maori O Pukemiro

#FNGT18 Finalist sings her cover of "I have nothing" By Whitney Houston
3 years, 1 month

#FNGT18 Junior Finalist sing their rendition of "Brave"

All Junior Finalist for #FNGT18 perform together their rendition "Brave" By Sara Bareilles
3 years, 1 month

#FNGT18 Senior Finalists perform a Stevie Wonder Medley

All the Senior Finalist for #FNGT18 put together a Stevie Wonder Medley with some "Beyonce Style" Introduction
3 years, 1 month