Social Media's Daring Game Changers

Aug. 2, 2019, 6:29 p.m.

Coming from unique parts of Aotearoa and a diverse range of backgrounds - a group of dedicated young and proud Māori have joined forces both in person and through their online social media platforms to help shine a light on social issues as well as be the light for others looking for a awhi.

Pat Salmon of Kairua said their collaboration of diversity is a representation of what the world looks like today.

“We are from all walks of life and our group actually reflect what Aotearoa looks like today,” said Pat.

The group each have their own social media platforms with their own audiences who follow their daily lives with nothing left to wonder - it’s the raw version of life as per their eyes.

The Game Changers are a collaboration that are breaking down barriers delivering a positive message tackling taboo issues such as depression, Māori and youth suicide and substance abuse. Their delivery is as raw as their social media presence.

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