"You Can't Moan After the Fact!"

Oct. 11, 2019, 9:39 a.m.

There are less than 24 hours to vote in this year’s elections and the message from candidate Niki Tauhara is clear “To make a difference you gonna vote, you can’t moan after the fact”. 

This year’s local government elections have been one of the most hotly contested ever with a record number of candidates vying for seats at the table. Tauhara states it is because “The people want effective change.” 

Despite being well ahead of the 2016 election’s turnout, the Far North is still facing a low voter engagement and historically it has been Māori that are the most disengaged.

Tauhara says that “when you get Māoris not voting, that’s a form of protest, that they’re not happy with things at the local government level.” 

But he encourages Māori to get their votes in “We’ve got to vote to bring back this effective change or level the playing field. Cos if we don’t we’ll be talking the same issue in three years time at the next elections.”

The highest voter turnout so far is in Whatuwhiwhi (45.4%), Doubtless Bay (44.4%) and North Cape (43.5%) with the lowest in North Hokianga (32.1%) and Kawakawa-Moerewa (32.8%) - check out the Daily Voter Tally to see how your area is doing. 

Postal voting has ended but you can still hand deliver your voting papers to a ballot box at Kaitāia, Kerikeri and Kaikohe Council offices up until 12 noon this Saturday.



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