No More Mining!

Nov. 1, 2019, 5 p.m.

Representatives from mining company Mineralogy were due to present to the Whangaroa community on Tuesday about their proposed prospecting activities. The meeting drew fierce opposition from anti-mining protestors who shut it down before they could start.

Mineralogy Pty Ltd, owned by Australian multi-millionaire Clive Palmer, has applied for a prospecting permit in the Whangaroa area. The permit for 305.2 square kilometres has been under review by New Zealand Petroleum and Minerals since the end of March. If granted, the permit would be for two years and would allow the company to explore the area for a range of minerals from gold to aluminium and kauri gum.

The Whangaroa community have fended off numerous attempts at mining in the area over the years with the anti-mining sentiment famously painted on the clifftop above the one-way bridge just outside of the Kaeo township. 


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