Maitai Bay Snorkel Day

Jan. 23, 2020, 4:01 p.m.

A Snorkel Day recently hosted at the holiday hotspot Maitai Bay, gave the attendees the opportunity to gain water safety skills, learn about the local marine environment and see for themselves the benefits of rāhui. 

Event organiser Isabel Krauss said the day was a great opportunity to provide education as well as getting locals to experience their marine backyard.

“A combination of organisations have made this day possible, both local community groups and the iwi also. Our aim was to get as many people in the water to increase confidence in and around the water and also let them see what’s in their backyard”, said Krauss.

Kina barren across the seafloor at Maitai Bay are a marker of an ecosystem that is out of balance. A rāhui was put in place at the end of 2017 in an effort to restore the fish population and the balance to the bay. 

Rāhui co-ordinator Kataraina Rhind said there are already great results, “It’s very obvious that improvements are happening here in our bay. Our rāhui has been in place for over two years and I see species of fish here that were once lost. In my view, something is going right”, said Rhind.

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