Day 1: Essential Services

March 26, 2020, 5:43 p.m.

In Kaitaia this morning, the main street was quiet as the fight to break the chain and beat COVID-19 began. The Level 4 Lockdown saw non-essential businesses doors closed and people being asked to stay home for at least four weeks. 

One business, Shackleton's Pharmacy, is still open, providing essential access to medication. Raewyn Taaffe said "At the moment they are limiting medicines to one month" which she said had caused some anxiety amongst the community. However, she wanted to reassure the community that the medications would be there for them in one month's time.

The measure to limit funded medicines to one month (or three months for contraception) was introduced by Pharmac in an effort to stop the stockpiling of medication, While there wasn't a medications shortage, stockpiling was putting a strain on some supply chains. 

Some people were concerned about not being able to leave their homes to get their medication, Raewyn Taaffe said "We can still get the medicine to them. We can deliver. We can send it on the RD (Rural Delivery). We'll just make it work".

She went to say "Look out for your neighbours, check on that oldie that's locked themselves inside for the last few weeks because they're scared...share the love"

(For a full list of essential businesses: )

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