The MaiPod Has Landed

April 1, 2020, 11:14 a.m.

With GP clinics full and anxiety in the community about COVID-19, the MaiPod Clinic may have arrived just in time. Dr Lance O'Sullivan has long been disrupting the existing health system to ensure basic healthcare needs were being met in the community. His latest innovation, the MaiPod, will see local residents be able to drop into the health clinic, currently based in the car park of the old (The) Warehouse in Kaitaia. 

O'Sullivan said, "We will be doing assessment[s] for people who are worried about COVID[-19] but also people who have general health problems that they can't get into their doctor's for." 

The clinic will be staffed by volunteers, like Gina Sammons and Stephanie Sole who are both training to be paramedics at Pro Med. Pro Med is a training provider of paramedics and other professional health and rescue services. Paramedic and Regional Manager for ProMed, Simon Townsend said: "This isn't to replace any of the existing services". 

The MaiHealth clinic is initially here for 2 weeks. They're all staying onsite in campervans next to the clinic. O'Sullivan is also setting up a caravan as a mobile health clinic to travel to more remote communities in the Far North. 

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