Iwi Volunteers Turning Out Care Packages

April 3, 2020, 6:24 p.m.

The four marae of Ngāi Takoto are delivering kai and other essential items to those most at need because they understand that whānau may struggle to access essential supplies over the duration of the level 4 lockdown. The iwi project is Haukainga led for Haukainga residents. Ngāi Takoto has a small team of iwi members who are voluntarily preparing kete āwhina (care packages) to respond to the needs of kaumātua, kuia and whānau.

The Response Team are servicing the rohe from Houhora South to the Awanui Straight and east to Kareponia Marae. There is no criteria for help but there is an order of priority starting with kaumātua and kuia who started receive kete āwhina today.

Rayna Crymble, Response Team Co-ordinator for Mahimaru Marae said, "Our kuia and kaumātua are our vulnerable community and some of them are not well, their health is a bit low, in terms of transport we want to keep them safe, our rangatahi are the most movable population, and they may unknowingly infect our kaumātua and kuia, so we are preparing packs to get kai and resource out to them as priority because we want to make sure that we keep our taonga with us as long as we can."

All kete āwhina preparation follows strict sanitisation practice. All drop-offs are be no-contact deliveries and left at a designated area, 3 meters from the main entrance to your whare. The Ngāi Takoto COVID-19 Response Team are working to support people through the duration of the level 4 lockdown.

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