Marae-Based Clinics Successful

June 17, 2020, noon

When Aotearoa was hit with Covid-19 an urgent health plan was required for communities to easily access testing, hygiene packs and flu vaccinations.

Tania Pritchard is leading the pandemic response for Ngāti Hine Health and says marae-based clinics have been crucial in getting whānau to a place where they feel comfortable to engage with medical practitioners.

“The kaimahi have been providing community testing stations, we’ve been testing whānau and offering flu vaccines and any other immunisations for children."

The pop-ups have had a successful uptake and vaccinated over 600 people for the flu which has highlighted the need for more accessible clinics that work around whānau needs.

“We stop and ask what made you come here today? They say because it’s convenient, it’s a drive-through, pop in when you want to, get what you need without all the preparation it takes if you want to access health care,” she said.


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