Partnership Produces Fertile Future

June 19, 2020, 7:16 p.m.

A $4.12 million dollar water storage project was launched today by Te Rarawa, in partnership with the Crown. With $3 million dollars financed by the Provincial Growth Fund, the project will see 350,000 m3 of water storage created, securing a fertile future for the aspirations of iwi. 

Te Rarawa Chairman, Haami Piripi, said "Now we have an iwi entity stepping up as a Treaty partner, with Government, to produce the kind of result that our tūpuna thought they were going to get when they signed the Treaty of Waitangi,"

It wasn't lost on members of the local community that the area once had a large water source, Lake Tangonge, that provided a valuable food source for the local iwi but was drained by authorities in the 1920s to create more farmland. 

Lisa McNab said "We determine, now, going forward what this looks like. Not being determined for us. So, if real partnership is going to be spoken about, it's on our terms now in terms of this." 


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